Dr. B. Michael Kraynick Dr. B. Michael Kraynick

Dr. B. Michael Kraynick, Born on June 6, 1927 in Northampton, PA, Michael came into this world on the birthday of his mother. His father and his mother owned and ran Kraynick’s Hotel a local bar and restaurant in Northampton. Michael, called “Benny” in his youth, excelled at most everything he did. His first language was Ukrainian and he quickly learned English in school. He was an excellent student pretty much getting nothing but straight A’s throughout his academic career. He graduated from Lafayette College in 1948 and went on to his first year of medical school at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, learning German fluently the summer before matriculating there, and then attended Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia. Upon his graduation in 1953 he married the love of his life Judith Letwin on June 20, 1953, with whom he would live the rest of his life. He attended a year of residency at Sacred Heart in Allentown and afterward commenced his internship with Dick White, M.D. in Allentown. This was interrupted by a stint in the Navy as Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery in Beaufort, S.C. He finished his orthopaedic residency with Dick White in 1961 and shortly after opened a private practice limited to orthopaedics. Michael loved flying, one of his few hobbies along with golf, obtaining his private pilot’s license in 1969 and later his instrument rating and owned and flew small planes most of the rest of his life. Michael retired in about 1976 but being an incorrigible workaholic who loved practicing medicine above all else but Judy, he went back to work for St. Luke’s Orthopaedic Surgical Group at the age of 80, retiring a second time when he was 84 years old. He passed away quietly on January 29, 2017 at St. Luke’s Hospice after a short illness. Michael had a passion for life surpassed by few and an unfailing devotion to those he held dear. He loved waking up early and going to work. He loved meals with friends and family at great restaurants in far flung cities and a good argument. He loved a good breakfast even if it was at a greasy spoon. He loved Paris. He liked to shop for just about anything and he loved good clothes and being well dressed, which he always was. He loved fine wine, chilled Champagne, a cold beer and a good joke. He had a rye sense of humor and no patience for incompetence. He could be annoyingly honest and abrasive and yet incomparably kind and compassionate at the same time. He was unfailingly generous. He and Judy traveled the world and enjoyed life and each other to the fullest.

He is survived by his wife Judy, his daughter Lisa Hoch and her husband Scott Hoch, his grandson Adonas Hoch, all of the Lehigh Valley, and his son Michael J. Kraynick, Michael’s wife Nancy Linscott and his 10 year old granddaughter Inez Kraynick, of Hailey, Idaho.

Services: There will be no services.

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